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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 23, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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better. wake people up. get them out to the polls. from new york. from new york. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: a path to power or a roadmap to attacks. republicans launch a plan to retake the house. president speaks to the united nations and pressures iran. iran's president says the u.s. could have been behind the 9/11 attacks. we'll run down the list of all the president's men packing their bags. live from the studio in washington. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. house republicans today rolled out the document they hope will be their ticket to majority status. pledge to america has 21 plags of promises, many a direct slap at president obama. democrats were quick to respond today. correspondent shannon bream looks at the fine print of the pledge. >> washington has made the problem worse. >> reporter: today, republican leaders vowed if they retake the majority of the seats in the house november 2, that will change.
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outlined in the pledge to america, beefing up the national security can, repealing healthcare legislation and reigning in government size and spending. >> this president and this congress put this nation on the road to bankruptcy and they're pressing down on the accelerator. time to press on the break and put us back on the road to recovery and opportunity. >> reporter: republicans say they plan to do that by putting a hard cap on discretionary spendtures and taking -- expenditures and taking weekly vote on spending. also on the agenda, adhering to constitutional limits on congress and winning back the trust of the electorate. >> when republicans were in charge of congress, we made our fair share of mistakes. i think we have demonstrated in the last 20 months that republicans have heard the american people. >> reporter: it was a theme echoed time and time again today. that unlike 1994's contract with america, which emanated from party leadership to the people, the 2010 pledge to
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america is policy ideas that they say came to us from average americans. before rolling out the agenda, g.o.p. leaders held a small business roundtable, but the democrats said it smacked of hypocrisy. as the republicans later voted against the small lending bill that supporters say is key to getting the businesses back on solid economic footing. >> time for a photo op at a small business, republicans are there. when it's time to help small businesses grow we find them voting to outsource jobs overseas. >> reporter: house majority whip called the pledge wrong. >> if this is implemented, what we are going to see is the infliction of a plague on america. >> clyburn went on to say the democrats will fight back with a rigorous response. republicans say they're ready. >> we challenge speaker pelosi, leader reid to bring these bills up. to change the course of america.
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we ask the american public to join our fight. >> reporter: social conservatives worry the issues they hear most about would be absent from the pledge. they did make it in, but really with only brief mentions. commitment to traditional marriage and opposition to using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions. bret? >> bret: shannon, thank you. much more on this with the panel. new claims for unemployment insurance jumped by 12,000 last week. this that is the first increase in the last five weeks. sales of previously occupied homes were up 7.6% in august, after a terrible july. mortgage rates are unchanged this week. and the index of leading economic indicators was up .# of a percentage point last month. stocks were down today. the dow lost 77. the s&p 500 gave back 9-1/2. the nasdaq fell 7-1/2. the middle east was the focal point of president obama's second address to the united nations. white house correspondent mike emanuel reports the president is keeping up pressure on iran to come to the negotiating table.
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but the iranian president said something in his speech that forced u.s. diplomats to get out of the chairs and walk out of the chamber. >> reporter: on the international stage with the world leaders looking on to the united nations, president obama made his latest pitch for iran to stop producing nuclear weapons. >> the door remains open to diplomacy, should iran choose to walk through it. but the iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm to the world the peaceful intent of the nuclear program. >> reporter: the presence of the iranian leader in new york has been greeted by protests for his government's poor treatment of his people. protesters also encourage the iranian people to rise up and overthrow ahmadinejad. for iranian leader, he says iran is ready to talk to the west about the nuclear program, but lectured the u.s. from the podium referencing the september 11 attacks. >> some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attacks, to reverse the declining american economy and scripts on the middle
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east to save the zionist regime. >> reporter: the american delegation walked out rather than listening to him have conspiracy theorists. but experts say the purpose in the speech was to look like a statesman to his people. >> his primary audience isn't in the room. it isn't in washington. it's back if tehran, back in iran. he is dealing with political problems, political divisions and trying to raise his stature when he returns back home. >> on another threat facing the world, nuclear, president obama only made a brief mention and it was not about its nuclear program. it was on its poor record on human rights. >> the north korean regime that enslaves its own people. >> when discussing areas of common ground in a meeting of china's premier, the president mentioned stopping the spread of the world's most dangerous weapons. >> we cooperated on issues of nuclear non-proliferation. >> reporter: back to
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ahmadinejad's 9/11 comment, short time ago, spokesman crowley blasted it and noted a short distance from here nine years ago 3,000 people were killed. the facts are not in dispute. crowley says for the iranian president to come here and say it was an american plot is simply outrageous. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live outside the u.n. headquarters in new york. thank you. president obama also told chinese premier that china needs to do more to resolve the dispute over its country's currency, telling him behind closed doors it's the most important issue between the two nations. we'll have a full report on that tomorrow. like a sports team having a rough season, president obama's white house team could have a lot of new faces before long. jim angle goes down the roster and tells white house is leading. >> reporter: in the next year, president obama will lose a number of white house advisors and other key players such as defense secretary robert gates who said today he also intenz to
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leave next year. >> it seemed to me having confirmation process in the early spring in 2012 in the middle of a presidential election year. is hot the wisest thing -- not the wisest thing either. >> reporter: he's already moving third member of the economic team, larry summers, possibly the chief of staff rahm emanuel and now the chief political advisor david axelrod. >> the average tenure of senior white house aide is 18 months. this is not unusual. there will be more. >> reporter: after rumors surfaced about axelrod's departure, he e-mailed the white house unit to say i will be here well in 2011 and some point i will leave to work on re-elect, meaning the re-election campaign. democrats say it's unusual circumstances like emanuel
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wanting to run for mayor of chicago. >> it doesn't reflect on the administration badly. >> reporter: then is peter orszag, economic advisor christina romer before that and others. >> they're bailing because it's going badly. >> reporter: in the midst of that, the president has to finds economic advisor and with the economy struggling for air, many want him to choose someone from the business community. >> he probably needs somebody in the white house with credibility with the business community to influence policies as well. >> the congress is clamoring for people with experience. real-life experience is key to this president, i believe, understanding the way things really are. >> possible replacements include richard parsons, former ceo of time warner and chairman of citigroup and former xerox ceo. but would new advisors make any difference in policy? >> at the end of the day, are the changes going to cause the president to move to the center or to stay where he is on the more liberal wing of the democratic party? >> reporter: when bill clinton faced republican congress he pivoted and said
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the era of big government is over. even if republicans win the house, president obama seems intent on restoring the era of big government and not yet clear if he wants new advisors to even look for a different path. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> that brings us to our text to vote poll tonight. tonight's question: what effect will white house staff changes have on the administration? you can text your answer to 36288. type sr1 for significantly help. sr2 for slightly help. sr3 for slightly hurt. sr4 for significantly hurt. we will bring you the results at the end of the program. still ahead, look at two big senate races in the november mid-terms.
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>> bret: in america's news headquarters tonight, we
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welcome you to fox's big board. we'll use it throughout the next 40 days to bring you some of the races and the highlights specific races all over the country. now, we'll take a look at all of the races in the u.s. senate for this election cycle and these are those. we've narrowed it down to races to watch. down to specific races. tonight, we look at two of those races to watch in the battle for control of the senate. we begin in west virginia. where we see the candidates, democratic governor joe manchin hopes to retain the seat held by the late robert byrd for the last-ken century, going up against john raisey. the latest real clear politic average pollss that race close. popul popular governor. mountain state, 8.5%. that's below the national average. in 2008, as you can see, west virginia voted 43% for barack obama. 56% for john mccain.
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now, tonight, chief political correspondent carl cameron is up here in sistersville with a story about two candidates who have a similar theme. that's distain for many of the president's -- disdain for many of the president's policie policies. >> good luck. >> conservative businessman john raese is the g.o.p. best hope in decades to win a west virginia senate seat. >> when you look two years down the road we'll look like france in this country if we don't stop obama. >> raese knows president obama unpopularly and liberal agenda are his best weapon against popular democratic governor joe manchin. manchin knows it, too. among democratic senate candidates, manchin is one of the harshest obama critics in the country. >> when you're wrong, you're wrong. he is wrong on issues we believe dearly in west virginia. and we will fight, and continue to fight to bring common sense values back to this great nation.
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>> reporter: manchin opposes the president cap and trade climate bill as an attack on west virginia coal industry. he's criticized the president for wasteful spending and said parts of healthcare reform should be repealed. raese has won for statewide office unsuccessfully three times has a colorful way to say manchin supported most of obama agenda in the past and shouldn't be trusted now. >> you know that nose is growing at a great length with mr. manchin right now because it's certainly not the truth. >> raese's latest attack ad shows manchin campaigning for obama's healthcare plan. the latest democratic leading poll by the public policy polling company shows the race is a dead heat. mansion attacks raese, who made million in the mining industry and owns statewide radio as out of touch fat cat. >> he puts profit in front of
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people. >> reporter: manchin says raese puts corporate profit ahead of the little guy. >> recession didn't happen because someone was trying to meet needs of america or main street. it happened because of the greed in wall street. he doesn't want checks and balances. unincumbered. let the good times roll. >> reporter: manchin would love it to be about the little guy or republicans or themselves. they know the biggest vulnerability may be president obama and the democrats' national agenda. that's tops among fears with joe manchin in west virginia. bret? >> bret: carl cameron live in sistersville, west virginia tonight. thank you. now we head back to races to watch. we head west and we go to kentucky. we find republican rand paul against democrat john conway. the real clear politics average of polls. this is close, but paul has 8
6:17 pm
point lead. state thetist, they have -- state statistics. they have 10% unemployment in june of 2010. in 2008, 41% republicans voted for obama. steve brown is in louisville with the story of a tight senate race. >> we have to realize what we're going to do to business in this country. >> reporter: accepting the endorse fire department the national federation of independent businesses, rand paul again spoke out against federal intervention in businesses, including the bank bail-outs. >> guess what? in kentucky, no banks failed. >> reporter: yet, last night paul at a d.c. rundraiser took checks from nine u.s. senators who voted for the bank bail-outs. asked to reconcile this, paul explained -- >> all these people are coming to me. not me to them. they're coming to me. they're coming to our message. if you watch the news across the country, there is
6:18 pm
uprising. tea party candidates are winning everywhere. >> reporter: and he's in front of democrat jack conway. for the kentucky attorney general, the political environment could hardly be more difficult. president approval number is 40% of republicans. >> he only carried three or four counties in the election. anti-obama feeling in kentucky, anti-incumbent feeling in kentucky are resonating among the voters and jack conway has to fight those. >> conway is also fighting his thumbs-up on the federal healthcare overhaul. >> i don't think it's a perfect bill. i'm on record saying i would have voted for it. >> allies of paul run tv ads reminding kentuckians of conway support of the signature legislative accomplishment. the national republican senate committee, u.s. chamber of commerce and american crossroads have all been peppering the airwaves for a month. >> it's vindication, vindcation that the race is where i think it is.
6:19 pm
that we have momentum. >> conway insists that his campaign's internal polling has the race tighter, neck in neck, actually. there are political observers in kentucky who say that's possible. but they just haven't seen the signs of excitement among the ranks of kentucky democrats to back up conway's claim. bret? >> steve brown, live in louisville. we'll use the fox big board, the u.s. senate races to watch and all the races to watch in the next 40 days. you can see much more of this throughout this time. later, we'll tell you who may be coming to the rescue for some of the embattled democratic candidates this fall. straight ahead, where did bob woodward get his information about secret pentagon programs? [ female announcer ] there are endless reasons to get together
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>> bret: the three astronauts aboard the international space station for 173 days are about to close the hatches between the station and their ride home. you are looking at live pictures now from nasa. amazing live pictures coming in. they will undock from the russian space craft if three hours and expected to land early friday morning. french workers protested the government plan to raise retirement age from 60 to 62. president nicolas sarkozy's reform bill passed one of france's two houses of parliament so far. officials in afghanistan released preliminary result from the election. they tabulated 67% of the ballots from one province. full preliminary results are expected next month. the final figures are not expected until at least late octobe
6:24 pm
october. sticking with afghanistan, pentagon plagued with information leaks is surprisingly silent about a book from bob woodward. it's led to little if any protest from the white house that cooperated with the journalist. jennifer griffin has reaction. >> reporter: the revelations reportedly came from classified documents about classified operations along the afghan-pakistan border. 3,000-strong c.i.a. run afghan paramilitary force, not all that different from the afghan commando unit that nato is training for special forces operation inside afghanistan. paramilitary revealed by the "washington post" journalist and author bob woodward operates from pakistan into afghanistan. that could put service members and the allies at risk, but yet there hasn't been the outrage from the pentagon that occurred after
6:25 pm
wikileaks published pages of classified documents, some of which mentioned similar c.i.a. operations. >> the truth is they might already have on their hands blood of some young soldier or that of an afghan family. >> the white house and pentagon are viewing this publication by a washington insider differently. >> how is it different from the wikileaks publication? >> i can't say because i haven't read the book. >> reporter: adding -- >> the administration between this administration is as harm moinous as anyone i -- harmonious as any i experienced. >> reporter: the white house cooperated with woodward even ordering some at the pentagon to talk to the journalist. sources tell fox that the quotes from inside the situation room were so detailed they could have only come from a transcript. then there were woodward revelation about the politically sensitive conversation about the pakistan president and the c.i.a. about the escalating
6:26 pm
assassination campaign of al-qaeda leaders by c.i.a. drones and pakistan tribal areas. "kill the seniors, the pakistan president reportedly told the c.i.a. chief. "collateral damage worries you americans. it does not worry me." in the past, secretary gates ordered a crackdown on leakers following a spate of classified revelations in his tenure. today, there was no outrage. because the white house and the pentagon officially provided the leaks. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. secretary gates is one of the administration officials leaving next year. don't forget about the text to vote poll. here is the question: what effect will white house staff changes have on the administration? you can text your answer to 36288. sr1 for significantly help. sr2 for slightly help. sr3 for slightly hurt. or sr4 for significantly hurt. we'll have those results later. the grapevine is up next.
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aaaaaaaand... [ snores ] i see your pnt. yeah. snores ] [ malannouncer ] we understand.® you need a partner who delivers convenience. next time use fedex office. >> bret: fresh pickings from the grapevine grape. president obama was heckled at a rundraiser pushing for more funding for aid program and independent to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. they yelled and held signs reading "obama broken policies kill." president obama went offscript several times to address them and defend his
6:31 pm
administration work saying we increased aids funding. the people who will take over if we don't focus on the election i promise you will cut aids funding. ? 2003 they tripled the previous funding to $15 billion in five years to combat aids in africa. nbc is touting the interview with president obama saying it will be broadcast across many networks, usa, sci-fi, bravo and oxygen. we looked back at president obama tv interview since taking office and the unofficial breakdown goes this way. nbc has had 24 interviews not counting next week. abc is next with 16. cbs with 15.
6:32 pm
cbs and espanol has had eight. fox news has had four interview with the president. the latest in disaster safety gear is the emergency bra? if you ever need a gas mask and happen to be a woman, unsnap the bright red bra, celebrate the cup, slip one over your face and give the other to the friend. the award-winning, yes, the award-winning invention online for $29.95. a tech news site says there are plans for counterpart device for men. the precise shape has yet to be revealed. the obama administration is going to roll out the not so secret role for democratic. >> my first lady, america's first lady, michelle obama. >> today at a global economic development event in new york and soon to be front and center on the campaign trail.
6:33 pm
in mid-october, michelle obama will stump for candidates, including feingold and alexi giannoulias running for obama's senate seat in illinois. colorado senate michael bennett. washington senator patty murray. nancy pelosi. california senator barbara boxer. political analysts say several races are must-wins for democrats. >> they know if patty murray and boxer go down on election night, they've almost certainly lost the senate. if they hold them both, they're in better shape. >> reporter: it's not unusual for first ladies to campaign in mid-term election. laurie bush did it in 2006. first lady is no strainier to campaigning. she stirred controversial in 2008 talking about her husband's candidacy for president. >> for the first time in my adult life i am proud of my country. >> as first lady, mrs. obama in a recent poll had 68% favorability rating focussed on platform of healthy eating
6:34 pm
and physical fitness for kids. her office says he comes to campaigning as a mom. that is the lens as she sees the world. sabato expects she will stick to fixed, nice remarks. >> she says nice things about the candidate she's with. >> reporter: still it gives g.o.p. candidates, including carly fiorina a chance to suggest the democratic opponent must need help. >> the race is in a dead heat in a state by any account is as blue as blue can be. even harry houdini could give illusion that boxer is successful senator. >> theyry thrilled that mrs. obama will be there to urge americans to go to the polls. molly henneberg. >> bret: connecticut man has been charged with sending
6:35 pm
more than 50 anthrax hoax and bomb threat letters to people all over the country. the u.s. attorney's office in connecticut says 43-year-old sent letters containing white powder that he said was anthrax and turned out to be baby power. in atlanta, pastor of one of the largest churches canceled a news conference and radio interview concerning allegation he sexually abused three teenage boys. bishop eddie long insists he's innocent and his lawyer says the pastor will have his first public response in sunday's services. republican and democrats argue over which party is best for america and which way is the right way forward. we talk about it all with the fox all-stars after the break. use it to run across tow. or use it to run across the planet. he fun, the fast, the solid glk. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial.
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beginning today. >> washington has gotten in the way of those solutions that washington has made the problems worse. >> the legislation and the small business initiative are on their way to the white house. >> it's important to note they talked about small business. >> bret: well, the house speaker talking about the vote. 237-187 in the house, moving the small business bill forward to the white house. she says the democrats are getting it done. republicans are just talking. as republicans officially roll out their pledge to america. what about the back and forth? bring in the panel. stephen hayes, writer for "weekly standard." rick klein, political reporter for abc news and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, two come can meeting events today. one in a hardware store in virginia. and one of the west steps of
6:40 pm
the capitol where the democratic leaders move the small business bill forward. >> it's an interesting contrast. it's clear in campaign mode here. i think what republicans did worked. it was smart for john boehner and eric canter to step back and let others make the argument, to the extent it triples down to the american voters, which is questionable. it's a good thing to do. the pledge overall is a smart thing to do. it's a good program. bold and aggressive. it doesn't answer all of the questions. of course, what happens on november 3 in some respects in governing is more important than what happens on november 2. it's a campaign document. they are doing it to campaign on something. what it does practically in political terms is it takes away one of two democratic arguments. democrats spent six or eight weeks making two arguments. the first is the republicans have no ideas and no plans. the second is that the bad plans that republicans have are going to take us back to the bush era. now they can't say that the republicans have no plan and
6:41 pm
no idea, they have to attack the idea presented. nancy pelosi didn't seem like she wanted to do that today. we see what arguments they make going forward. >> bret: speaking of that, house majority whip, clyburn, congressman from south carolina did talk about the plans to push back against the pledge to america today. take a listen. >> i don't recall that we had an opposition strategy before. some of us did call a contract, contract on america. but that's not anything we developed. i can tell you we are going to develop a very rigorous response to this platform. because since we are talking about healthcare, i guess if we're not talking about healthcare, the notion of a plague would not have occurred to me. >> bret: he called it a plague on america, harkening back to 1994 when some democrats called at it contract on america, not contract with america. rick? >> yeah, i think, this is a
6:42 pm
lot about the symbolism. i went literally outside the beltway by 20 miles. they took the ties off. went out there and say look, we care about the issues. mostly it's checking a box. nancy pelosi and the democrats had something similar in 2006. nobody remembers it. what it did at the time was answered a charge that all nancy pelosi could do was say no. now republicans have the charge against them. a lot of folks now, you say to republican, you don't have something to run on but something to point to. a document that we presented. we didn't see the candidates today. house leadership and members. even republican challengers you don't want to be associated with the incumbent, democrat or republican. that was telling. >> charles? >> the problem with any statement that the republican issued if you are a local candidate and a constituentsy where for example you have a pro-choice constituency, you
6:43 pm
don't want to put a lot of weight on abortion issue. you get locked in. there is some problem issuing that is for the party. but had i seen how weak the democratic response as we've seen today, it probabliment is an era. pelosi's answer on the small business issue is one republicans ought to engage and seize. he passed a bill to allow loans to small business. republicans should say you want to raise taxes on january 1, 13%, you want to lend some of it back at your sufferants. hour program is not -- our program is not raise taxes. leave money in the hands of entrepreneur with more insight how to spend it than any government official or lending officer in a bank and not have to have
6:44 pm
restrictions, interest, interest payment, if they want to have the argument on the tax, hike, republicans will win. >> bret: if you talk to the small or mid-size bankers they say the small business bill could present problems. there is paperwork and liquidity issues. how does it play politically. >> this seeks to solve problem. if you look at the lobbying group that represents the small businesses, it solves a problem that isn't what most small business says the primary problem. the primary problem is the economy is slow and uncertainty about the economic situation in the country. one way to solve that is to cut taxes, let business owners keep their money and determine how they're going to spend it. as charles says, easy case. not only pel pelosi who has been making it. this is precisely the case that robert gibbs made on the
6:45 pm
twitter account a couple days ago. once we pass the small business bill, they'll begin hiring. of course, there are dozens of other, much more significant issues that this small business bill in washington. it's such a myopic inside the belt view, both pelosi and the white house express it's a real possible for them. >> bret: rick, you agree? >> i don't think it will change anything around the politics around this. democrats pass this, they feel good about it and say it. i don't think it will change perception of the economy. i don't think it will change where the economy is by the fall. the tax issue that is lingering out this and likely not to get done -- >> bret: it looks like won't be addressed in this session. for democrats using it as an issue the fact it's not coming up is thatten issue? >> the american people, all of them, set to see biggest tax hike in history. problematic argument for democrats. argue of the paralysis is lost in the shuffle.
6:46 pm
the facts that the tax cuts are going to expire at the end of the year. democrats have to worry about that and try to find a solution with that, with their own members as much as the republicans. >> bret: next up, president obama and his iranian counterpart at the united nations. get more on this story at the home page, stay with us. [ male announcer ] fact -- when doctors are in pain, the medicine in advil is their #1 choice for pain relief. more than the medicines in tylenol or aleve. use the medicine doctors use for themselves. one more reason to make advil your #1 choice. use for themselves. got the gecko t-shirt... on is "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois...
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the door remains open to diplomacy, should iran choose to walk through it. the iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm to the world the peaceful intent of its nuclear program. >> translator: some segments in the u.s. government
6:50 pm
orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining u.s. economy and grips on the middle east to save the zionist regime. the majority of the american people as well as nations and politicians around the world agree with this view. >> bret: well, there you see the american delegation walking out at that point. iranian president ahmadinejad's speech. didn't want to hear what they called the vile conspiracy theories and anti-semitic slurs saying essentially that the u.s. was behind the 9/11 attack. back with the panel. analyzing the day at the united nations. charles? >> after the speech, the u.s. delegation said was of harm and delusional. state department issued a statement and it accuses him of being outrageous. an hour earlier, our president on the same podium reaches out his hand with new
6:51 pm
negotiations with a man who obhornet, delusional and outrageous. a disconnect here. obama operates under the assumption that all iran has to do is show sincerity it's meeting the obligation under the mpt. this is the way they speak on society that we agree on the norms. this is a state of nature, no tomorrows, especially for regime like iran. rogue regime. it acts of its own interest to augment its own power. to pretend it's only obligation and duty and stretch out a hand that's spat on for 20 months is unbelievable. betrays the nature of the international community that's not even a law professor, adolescents.
6:52 pm
>> bret: ahmadinejad, chavez always seem to have something to say at the podium every year. this seemed unique for them in new york. a few blocks from ground zero to say that the u.s. is behind the 9/11 attacks. many americans and international diplomats believe the same thing. >> it's a great platform if you are a leader of rogue regime. you get the world stage. look at you, you have the president of the united nations in the same building hours before ahmadinejad. he used it to his benefit. playing to a domestic audience more than anything else. what he says with regularity and rarely that he says it on american soil. he closed the door that president obama tried to open again in the day. the americans were surprised and taken back from it because it's stronger language than we have seen in
6:53 pm
a segment like this. >> bret: one second, literally as we're talking, white house press secretary gibbs said they found remarks outrageous and offensive, especially since we're just blocks from ground zero. exactly what we're saying here. >> i don't want to say iran closes the door and obama keeps knocking on it. >> you can go back and look at other examples of this. >> we reached out to the regime, with a series of elections shortly after the election. and the regime put down the uprising after the elections. there are so many examples of this. the real question is why the obama administration treats this regime as if there is a question about the nature of the regime itself. that is what we do saying we are willing to to sit back and have discussion. nowhere is it more apparent than what the regime is doing in afghanistan. it's the policy of the regime. highest level to kill american soldiers and attack
6:54 pm
americans. supply the arms and money and supply training. why doesn't the president of the united states in this forum ever say anything about it? he hasn't done it. it's been 20 months. he never challenges them on the fact that the formal state sponsor of terror in the world and killing americans. >> bret: the president did not mention north korea nuclear program. >> he stayed away from all the important issues. the iranian issue which he was very weak on. what does he devote a quarter of the speech to? the only news he made is he said that israel has to extend the moratorium without demanding anything of the palestinian side which means that the palestinians will offer nothing in return. there is no obligation on their side.
6:55 pm
allow a rout to break out. >> bret: the administration believes that the sanctions are having an effect. >> that is something that we will hear from the white house. new round going into effect later in the month. i don't think there are good options there. however the president uses a forum like this, he knows there aren't great options and one of many areas he has to confront to focus on the middle east. >> bret: stay tuned for more surprises from the iranian president and the u.n. speech. ♪
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
22% voted for slightly hurt. 25% voted for significantly hurt. thanks for those votes tonight. finally tonight, we never knew that iran's president was a big fan of oprah. but apparently, during his u.n. speech, he unveiled his own surprise. >> in an effort to change your views of iran as an evil regime under nuclear threat to the entire world, i'm going to do something big. we are going to tehran! you're going to tehran and you are going to tehran and you are going to tehran. and we'll be flown by captain horshack! i know. i know. how fun is that? >> those delegates fired up. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid.


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